Andrew Wyeth.

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A Family of Legends.

Andrew Wyeth knows that the art of painting is an art that he definitely has the knack of. His paintings show the landscape of both Maine and Chadds Ford Pennsylvania. The later is where my grandfather has lived for over 50 years. He personally knew Andrew Wyeth and instilled in me the love of art and the importance of a simple landscape. I saw the art as simply pictures on the wall when I was younger, and then as I grew older I yearned to know the meaning of the pictures. I always wanted to know why the girl was in the field, and why was it so hard for her to get to her farm house. I also wanted to know what made Wyeth paint the landscapes that he did. I have sensed learned the answer's to these questions and many more. I had been looking forward to this assignment, not only because it was about something I liked, but also because it was about something that I wanted to learn more about .

Andrew Wyeth was born July 12, 1917 in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. He was the youngest of five children. Andrew was a sickly child and so his mother and father made the decision to pull him out of school after he contracted whooping cough. His parents home-schooled him in every subject, including art education. Newell Convers Wyeth (Andrew's father) was a well known illustrator whose art was featured in many magazines, calendars, posters and murals. He even painted maps for the National Geographic Society (Holt 12).

He married at the age of twenty-two to a local girl named Betsey James and had two boys, Nicholas who became an art dealer, and James who became the third generation artist in his family. Interestingly,