The Andromeda Strain

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The Andromeda Strain In the novel, The Andromeda Strain, many issues are discussed that can relate to today's society. Governmental conspiracy, alienated threats from outer space, and severely contagious lethal disease are all concerns expressed in this novel by Michael Crichton. The fears of today are incorporated into the story line making for an intriguing plot, which sprouts new and old concerns for humanity.

A main concern for humanity presented in the novel is that of a government conspiracy. The United States government is performing secret tests in outer space with satellites. One satellite crashes back to earth before completing its orbit, only it did not return alone. The phenomenon caused a sequence of events that spawned a governmental dispatch of researchers consisting of top-notch scientists. The government begins an all out investigation on the subject and disaster that vanquished an entire town. Of course, the rest of the world had no idea what was happening.

People were dead, lies were told, and government cover-ups were at its worst. It seems that this concept is not completely new to today's society. Looking back at the history of the United States government, many conspiracies are revealed. Perhaps one of the most memorable is that of the scandalous event known as Watergate. The country took a wild ride even if it wanted to or not. Nixon led the brigade of lies and deceit which caused this great nation to see into it's darkest shadows, and how the fearless leaders of America are not always as honorable as are made out to be.

Outer space, to many, carries a name of an endless void. Many believe that it is the keeper to endless civilizations, while others argue that only humans occupy its vast depths. To many, the concept of aliens is...