The Andromeda Strain- 25 quotes, explinations, and how it has to do with chemistry

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The Andromeda Strain-


A. QUOTE: "Crane: 'You see him? The man in the white robe, walking across the street-'" "Shawn: 'I see him.'" "Crane: 'He's just stepping over them like-'" "Shawn: 'He's coming towards us." "Crane: 'Sir, look, I think we should get out of here, if you don't mind my-' "

"The next sound heard was a high-pitched scream, and a crunching noise." -pg.10

B. PLOT RELEVANCE: From this quote we can conclude that someone survived the accident. This led the scientists to have hope that there was a way to survive the virus even for a short period of time.

C. CHEMISTRY CONCEPT: The chemistry in this quote shows that the virus didn't clog his blood like it did all the rest of the people. The man stayed alive because his blood pH level was too low for the virus to survive. The man in the white robe got acidosis because he had taken a bottle of aspirin and had drunk sterna for many days following the accident.


A. QUOTE: "Every time he looked down the throat, the child closed his mouth. Every time he tried to listen to the heart, the child shrieked, obscuring all heart sounds." "…somehow they had managed to beat the disease. That was a link between the two, between the shriveled old man vomiting blood and the pink young child, howling and screaming. "…they were at opposite ends of the spectrum, sharing nothing in common. And yet there must be something in common." -pg. 149

B. PLOT RELEVANCE: This shows that the baby's pH and the old mans pH was not normal, even though they were total opposites from each other. The baby didn't cooperate with the man, which shows that something was wrong with the baby.