Andy Goldsworthy, John wolsely and Rosalie Gascoigne analysis of artworks and material and conceptual practice

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The three artists that we have studied, Goldsworthy, Gascoigne and Wolseley, are all contemporary environmental artists. They all have their own unique practice and all of these artists are concerned with the environment hence all of their works are environmentally friendly. Their works all challenge the viewer’s imagination and are aesthetically pleasing.

John Wolseley-Practice-Wolseley’s interaction with Aboriginal people has helped him to increase his knowledge of the land and increase his respect for it. Wolseley often spends long periods of time working alone and camping in rural Australia.

John Wolseley was born 1938 in England and settled in Australia in 1976. his previous work as a printer gave him the knowledge of water colour and attention to detail. He became sensitive to line work and drawing with fine detail through printing. The Chinese and their unique way of drawing also influence Wolseley. He appreciates the way a Chinese artist will study the landscape for hours before going back to draw it.

Wolseley has a unique practice for example he buries his works and digs them up weeks later to find them weathered and eroded. This method connects the work to the site and creates a bond between him, the piece and the site he is based in. another technique he uses is called frotting this is where he takes the paper and moves it against trees, rocks, etc. to create lines and marks on the page which he then works detail around.

Wolseley’s work is detailed and is drawn from many different view points. He uses signs and symbols in his works that reflect geological mapping. He also includes diary entries, where he jots down notes about his journeys and incorporates them into his works.

Wolseley’s works are like a journey. The final pieces will be collaged together but sometimes...