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Andy Warhol's ability to sum up the spirit of the 60's

Andy Warhol was an amazing artist of his time going from old department store backdrops to one of the most famous Pop Artist of all time. He had an amazing ability for painting images throughout the 60's that seemed to sum up the spirit of the times. Two of the many images famous for that summed up the spirit of the 60's were a painting of actress Marilyn Monroe and consumer product Campbell's Soup Cans. Warhol was famous for his "Pop Art" paintings, Pop Art originated in England around year 1953, but it wasn't until in the USA between 1961-65 that pop art really reached its height. Pop art started when artists wanted to allow us to see objects which had lost their visual recognition through constant exposure through a new light. Andy Warhol always seemed to capture what was happening around him and what people were into.

The 60's were years of flower power, hippies, war, assassinations, great music, pop art, free love, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. The 60's also saw the assassination of President John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King; it also saw wars in Vietnam and the Cuban Conflict. It included Civil Rights, fall of the Berlin Wall, first man on the moon and the Women's Movement. Life saw young people wanting something new, fresh and original.

Two paintings of Warhol's that summed up the spirit of the 60's was a painting of famous actress and "sex symbol" of her time Marilyn Monroe, also known as Marilyn 1964 and famous consumer product Campbell's Soup Cans, also known as Campbell's Soup Cans 1962. Throughout these paintings he has used many elements of design, such as the design of line. Andy took the fine...