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Anemia Summary

For Foods and Nutrition we had to pick a disease problem that has everyday effects on people from all walks of life from different ends of the world. Our group chose iron deficient anemia. Anemia is when you lack something, so iron deficient anemia is when you have a lack of iron in your body, which causes you to be tired, and you also get aggravated easily. The only way to fix that is either eat a daily iron pill, which many do or to boost the amounts of food you eat that are high in iron.

Our first recipe tasted excellent, we had good remarks about it and said that it shouldn't be changed. We had a little bit more seasoning since when you simmer a soup you lose flavor, that was our only problem.

Our second recipe we wanted to make it rich in iron so we added more beef stew meat, and peas.

We thought that kids would not like the peas but we were surprised that we didn't see bad remarks about having peas in the soup. We also added more bouillon cubes to give it more seasoning. We think our soup turned out better the second time through. We also have the survey results to prove that, which we think is really good considering this soup was supposed to be healthy, which it was and it tasted good.

There is also many things I learned about this project, just because you pick your friends to help do this project does not mean you will work well with them. I though we were going to have a good group in Trunzo, Andy and Ashley. I was very wrong on that, really wrong, when we were in the IMC, I got my book...