Angel above me

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The Angel Above Me

No one ever realizes what they have until they lose it. Whether it's a deeply loved person, or a an inanimate object that sits in the same place everyday. No one ever worries about it until one day when it's gone. The place doesn't feel the same afterwards no matter what. When I was sixteen my journey had just began. My life decided to turn, and I wasn't holding on.

I'm a child who grew up in the typical home. I have two older sisters and a younger brother. When I was eleven my family moved to a small town called Stockbridge, Michigan and it really became the place I called home. At first I hated it, but who doesn't hate change when they're young? I lived there for seven years with my parents. My sisters were both older than me and for a long time I was the baby of the family.

It was a given that I would be the spoiled one, and the sister who would be picked on all the time. It didn't hit me as hard until I was in middle school. I believe this is because that's when I was at the age of changes.

In Middle school and high school I starting to have relationships and to try become my own person. I felt neglected by my sisters. See, they had the relationship I always wanted with them. I started to become okay with it. Thinking to myself we all are just different, and I guessed it was just better to keep to myself especially around them. When I turned sixteen I felt like I finally knew where I was going in life. Like I knew everything as any teenager does. That summer I went to Florida to stay...