Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber

Essay by hannahpriestley November 2014

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In light of reading the collection of narratives by Angela Carter, I decided to add to the story The Snow Child. Carter attempts to challenge the conventional rules of fairy tales in order to portray her clear feminist views. Subverting the traditional male hero to a female heroine blurs the boundaries set by the original fairy tales.

The Snow Child an adapted version of the Grimm tale where a father not the mother wishes for a child. Carter uses this to her advantage in order to portray the masculine control on female identity. I wanted to replicate the element of the Count's character as being a sexual predator; only interested in the child as a sexual object. The character of the Countess needed to be submissive to the Counts control.

The narrative in set in a wintery forest which is "Invincible" the snow of the winter can be seen to represen 'Fresh snow fell on snow already fallen; when it ceased, the whole world was white.'

Setting disorientates the reader, also implies place that represents purity and virginity is intactt . I wanted to focus on the "enveloping" of the greenery around them and the purity of the snow beneath them. The eerie atmosphere of a typical forest would be counteracted by the brightness of the snow, I wanted to focus on the contrast between an intimidating forest and harmless snow.

A central Cartarian characteristic is the use of symbolism; Carter uses colour as a symbol to show impurity versus purity and puberty in The Bloody Chamber, The Snow Child and The Werewolf. In order to successfully imitate Carters work I used colour to express the permanent destruction of purity when "blood [had] dropped in snow" in relation to the loss of virginity it symbolises that once...