Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt

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Angela's Ashes is a story written about the life of the author. Frank McCourt's family was poor. They lived in America (New York). Frank had a brother named Malachy. He also had two twin brothers, Oliver and Eugene. His mother (Angela) gave birth to a daughter named Margaret who died in infancy. His father would drink away his paycheck leaving the family with no money to get food. When Margaret was born, he stopped drinking. As soon as she died, he drank even more.

The family decided to move to their homeland Ireland. They moved to several rooms before they got their home on a lane in Limerick, Ireland. While they were in one of the rooms, the twins died. Oliver died from illness, and Eugene died from grief over his brother's death.

In their house on the lane, Angela managed to have two more children. She had Michael and Alphie.

The children go to school. Frank comes down with typhoid fever. He almost died. He was in the hospital for a long time. When he got better, his school wanted to hold him back. They did, but they eventually put him up to his proper grade.

Frank's father goes off to London to work in the factories to get money. He never sends money. He drinks all of the money over there, too. His father never changes. Eventually after a while, they never hear form their father again. They never got the money from him.

As Frank gets older, he gets a job although it was very hard for him to get it. He had bad eyes. He's a telegram boy. He turns to sinning. He also writes threatening letters for a lady he delivers telegrams to. All this time, he is saving a little bit of his...