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Angelo Kotsis was born in Marrickville Sydney and received a bachelor of Industrial Design from the University of Western Sydney“Angelo is a product designer. He designed the new Dolphin torch for Eveready. He worked with other designers and an engineer to develop and test the design.” design processAngelo and a team of designers begin their work when someone asks them to develop a new product. For the Dolphin torch the client was Eveready who asked them to redesign the old Dolphin. Eveready wanted the new torch to look modern and stylish with extra features to make it appeal to customers.

The designers researched the other torches on the market to find out what the competition was like. The group of designers brainstormed creative ideas for how the new torch could look and work. The client, Eveready, helped to pick the design they thought would appeal most to customers.

It was Angelo's design that was chosen to develop into a real torch.

Then Angelo and the team had to work out how to construct the new torch. They worked with engineers and manufacturers to test and develop the design using models and prototypes until the new torch was complete. The Dolphin was in production in 2003 and for sale soon afterwards. factors that affected the design were the strict instructions from Eveready as to what the torch had to do these instructions are called the design brief.

They had to make sure the new torch:•could be used with existing types of batteries•could use a particular type of lamp•Included a stand (this was a new aspect they had to design into the torch).

"The aim of the design was to have the rugged look of the product, and to retain the practical and functional aspects of the product but...