Anger: A Personal Narrative

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When people feel angry, they can choose to either defuse the situation, or let it take over their entire bodies. The latter can often lead to a more intense situation than necessary. Much of my adolescent years were spent getting into trouble. I was constantly ditching school, getting bad grades, and being sent to the principal's office, among other things. When my mother decided to try a new method of keeping me on track, I completely lost my cool.

It was a typical day at Sabino High School. I had just arrived and was headed to class when my friend, Maggie, approached me with the idea of skipping our first class of the day. Typically, I would have taken her up on this offer, but for some unknown reason I turned her down. We parted ways and I headed up the stairs to my classroom. Everything seemed normal in the classroom; I took my seat near the back of the class, took out my notebook and began working on my exercises.

It was at that moment that everything took a turn for the worse.

While I was working, I heard my mother's voice projecting from the doorway, asking to sit in during class. Not believing my ears, I looked up. Sure enough, my mother was standing right there. Furious and embarrassed, I flipped the page of my notebook to a new page and began to doodle. My mother took a seat right behind me where she spent the remainder of the class time telling me to pay attention and poking me with a pencil. Out of spite, I continued to disobey everything that she told me to do.

When the bell finally rang, I bolted out of the classroom and charged through the hallways with tears filling my...