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In this essay I will be going to explain to you the Anglo-Saxon Period, the Literature, and its inhabitants. All my research is from is from highly reliable sources.

First I will introduce you into the Anglo-Saxon Period, and how it started. In AD 406, on the last day of the year, the Rhine river froze, and about fifteen thousand Germanic tribesmen crossed in Roman territory. For the next several decades, the native Britons had to fend for themselves against increasing Saxon incursions. The wave of invasion eventually would overwhelm them. The Anglo-Saxon Period began around 449 and ended 1066. A monk named Bede provides the date, when three ships arrived for war. The Saxon was evading Britain. More federates came later, and demanded increased demands of their British hosts and threatening to "break their agreement and plunder the whole island unless more lavish payment were heaped upon them", and they did so.

There were about six main civilizations existing at the time. But the two main civilizations were the "Celtics" and the "Normans". This period evolves around "magic and myths", "wizards and dragons". This is the period of "King Arthur" and his "Knights of the round table", "Beowulf"(unknown 14), and the "Venerable Bede". Also this is the period when the "Iona monastery was founded". This is the most difficult period in time, to find information on, because it's so far back in time that most of the articles written then are lost, damaged, or has no author.

The main piece of literature written in this period was "Beowulf"(unknown 14). This is a mythical story, about a hero who comes to a country to destroy a monster, terrorizing a country. Other great stories are "Wanderer"(Exeter Book of Anglo-Saxon Poetry 379), "The Seafarer"