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Organizational Behavior Assignment Group Behavior

A1: The Punctuated Equilibrium Model Of Group Development

The behaviours of the jury in the Movie supports the theory of punctuated equilibrium. The jury's deliberation which found the boy guilty eleven votes to one set the tone for the first half of the movie.

During this time, the majority were still quite fixed in their guilty verdict and not very open or willing to consider other points of view. A significant transition took place when the old man supported the architect's (jury 8) questioning of the validity of the testimony. At this point the discussion the man from the slum, also changed his vote. This was right at the midpoint of the movie and soon after this the tone of the conversation of the group began to change. Following the midpoint transition, the second phase was marked by more skilful dialogue and genuine curiosity. The group moved towards a firmer conviction that the boy was not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Ultimately, even the most stubborn of the jurors changed their views.

A2: The Group Think Phenomenon

They simply heard other angry jurors, namely No 3, No 10, and No 7 spew anger towards the boy and the obviousness of his guilt, so they went along. The other jurors sought out to appease and get along with these jurors, and thus voted guilty, when they had no logical reason to...