animal abandonment

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My core composition is about creating awareness for animal abandonment. I got this idea, through an article I read in the Sydney Morning Herald The title of the article was "Abandoned: Man's best friend". What I wanted to express through the radio advertisement was, how modern day society would coin the phrase, "a dog is a man's best friend," yet have the heart to abandon their "best friend." I placed emphasis on concentrating the conscience of the listener, by basing the storyline on two different cases yet parallel to one another.

It started off with an anecdotal beginning. The narrator enters the scene, describing with similes and metaphor presented in an "active voice" the classic atmosphere of a family picnic. The simple and yet warm atmosphere described appeals to the persuasive side of our "tradition and custom." With the familiarity of the scenery, the story changes focus abruptly to the family ending a great weekend picnic and heading home.

An anti-climax has appeared for the listeners at this point in time. There is a stark contrast in the father's demeanor, and through the use of repetition, the listeners also receive the stark change in the tone of the father's voice, followed by the ominous music in the background. The once bright and warm atmosphere has disappeared and now the echoing of the ominous music, followed by the strange and sharp response by the father, creates a curious environment for the listener.

I made my motif centered on the idea of one would not abandon their own "human" family on the side of the road, so why are we abandoning those that we call "family." Through the voice of the narrator, we used "inclusive languages," to take the listener on a terrible journey of abandonment. The target audience for this...