Animal Abuse

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I am writing about animal abuse. Some topics that will be discussed is the number of animals abused in a year, what exactly is animal abuse, why people abuse animals, and what is the penalty for the owner for different states across North America. Animal abuse is something that happens in everyday situations. It is a topic that needs to be discussed and should be resolved to put a stop to crime against animals.

The first topic that will be discussed is, "What exactly is animal abuse?" In general when people think animal abuse they think a dog that has been severely beaten. Now this is one thing that is considered animal abuse. However, there are many other things that are considered animal abuse and that is what I am about to explain. First, is neglecting an animal over a period of time. That does not mean ignoring an animal like leaving the animal home while a person would go run errands or go shopping.

An example of neglect is, a dog that is chained up outside. From the web site The Humane Society of the United States is states that "A chained animal is caught in a vicious cycle; frustrated by long periods of boredom and social isolation, he becomes a neurotic shell of his former self-further deterring human interaction and kindness. In the end, the helpless dog can only suffer the frustration of watching the world go by in isolation-a cruel fate for what is by nature a highly social animal"(, 2009). Chaining an animal up outside is something that happens to animals everyday some reasons people may chain an animal up is because they have a newborn, live in a city, or the dog is not allowed inside the house. In this situation if the personAnimal...