Animal Adoption Should Have More Reqirements

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Do you own an animal that has been adopted? Most people do. You hear about many animals being abused and miss treated. There are many cases of animal abuse because of cruel owners that neglect the animals. There should be more requirements to adopting an animal than just signing your name to a piece of paper and they is a back ground check, a consented house check, and should have to answer a questionnaire.

One of the requirements that should be added to adopting an animal, is a background check on the person or persons adopting. All animals have many needs and need to cared for everyday of their lives. A good reason for background checks are because of this example. A family had just adopted a puppy and as soon as the puppy got to his new home he pooped and peed on the carpet. This irritated the mother of the family so much that she smacked the dog with a newspaper then picked it up by its tail and whirled it around in the air.

As a result of the whirling the puppy died. As it turns out, after the Animal Shelter inquired into the owners history, there were convictions of cruelty to animals and many reports of animal abuse from the neighbors specifically regarding their horses. It is obvious that a required back ground check could have prevented this situation.

Another requirement that should be added to the list of requirements is that the adopting owners consent to random house checks to confirm that the animals are being treated humanely.

I see certain dogs where I live that don't leave the spot where they are tied up for any reason at all. The animals don't get walked, a large percent of the time their water bowl is...