Animal Cruelty

Essay by vampire-chick June 2006

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Animal cruelty is a growing problem, because you have people out there who believe that animals should not be used for science and there are people out there who believe animals are needed to do tests on. Animal testing is not a very good thing, because most of the time the animal feels a great deal of pain, and they are not given any medication to relieve the pain. The animals live in poor conditions and are not treated very well. Animal cruelty is not a very good thing, because not only is someone hurting an animal they are hurting a leaving thing that has the right to live and the right to be treated with respect. There are people out there who kill animals for pleasure. This is not a very good thing. Cows, sheep, and chickens are for food reasons. Cats dogs, and birds are not for food reasons, they are domestic animals and they do not deserve to be hunted and harassed.

Animals that are dangerous such as lions, alligators, snakes, and wolves are also not for hunting. But if a snake or an alligator were to somehow get into the city then that is when someone needs to take action and remove it for the safety of the people. There is no reason for a person to go out and kill or hurt an animal that has not bothered that person. If someone is going to raise an animal and teach it do be bad and to hurt people then someone should take that animal away, and someone should put that person in a mental hospital. Think about it this way, a bunch of aliens come from another planet. They take hundreds of humans out of theirs homes, and throw them in small cages, with no...