Animal Cruelty

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June 1, 2014

Animal Cruelty

Most animal cruelty takes place in a puppy mill. A puppy mill is a place where they over breed dogs. People in this business are more interested in profit than the dogs well-being. Registered and responsible breeders are more concerned about having the most healthiest puppies possible. They sell some of the puppies to pet shops through middleman. Others are sold online, newspaper ads, flea markets, or even directly to the public. That is why when picking a puppy you must inspect it to ensure it is healthy. A lot of the puppies from the puppy mills are ill and have diseases. Animal cruelty happens everywhere, some of which people don't even notice. Dogs at puppy mills go through abuse, they are killed, and all of this causes pet overpopulation.

Dogs in puppy mills are raised in cramped, cruel, and filthy conditions.

Most puppy mills in this country take place in the Midwest. Puppy-mills keep dogs in small cages, tractor trailer cabs, or tide up to trees. Female dogs have puppies twice a year and are usually abandoned or killed once they can't have puppies anymore. Most dogs and puppies are starved in puppy mills and suffer from malnutrition. Puppies are taken from their mothers at to young of age, packed into crates, and taken to pet stores to sale. There are many of the puppies who don't survive. The ones who do survive don't always receive that loving human attention or proper care.

Puppy mills are against the law. The punishment for puppy mills can be severe as $60,000 fine and two years in prison. This rarely happens though some don't even serve a day in prison. Many the puppy mill owners just get away with paying the...