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Animal Experiments

You might not know this, but all over the world, many animals are dying as you read this.

Not natural deaths, not peaceful deaths, but painful deaths caused by experiments. Once I finish telling you about it, you will realize how utterly disgusting this practice is.

Every week, an estimated 69 thousand animals die only in British laboratories, and millions of animals lose their lives in pain every day, why? So you can get to use a new brand of perfume, so your golf balls can give you a better game or so a new colored crayon will give your drawing a little more life - that little more life on your drawing is taken from a thousand living and breathing creatures.

Now I ask you this:

Does a medicine for a week long cold, really compensate for taking the lives of thousands of animals, thousands of living things that feel, breath and eat, just like you? Is ruining the lives of a thousand more justified because you get to have a new scent of perfume? How can you live when millions of living creatures are dying just to make your life a little more comfortable?

Try to picture an image of a puppy, imagine him squealing in pain as a faulty brand of shampoo is burning all his fur.

Imagine hundreds of individual puppies feeling the same way - Now you can get a better shampoo, but having that shampoo, instead of using a different one has brought a painful death to a thousand small creatures that haven't lived long enough to even know what's being done to them - they only feel the pain.

This is only one example, the tip off the iceberg when it comes to the disgusting practice of experimenting on...