Animal Farm

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Animal Farm written by George Orwell takes place on a farm in England. The animals

start Animalism because of their greed for power. Their greed causes some of the animals

to turn evil and mistreat the less intelligante animals. The pigs immediate control over the

farm. Just imagine animals in charge of a farm.

Old Major was the most respected animal on Mayor Farm. He is concerned by the

cruelty of Farmer Jones and his men. Just before he dies Old Major tells the animals of his

dream of a rebellion against Farmer Jones. He says " all animals are comrades". Comrades

means friends. Old Major also said that " in return for your four confinements and all your

labour in the fields, what have you ever had except your bare rations and a stall."

Confinements means imprisonment, and rations means a fixed portion. After Old Major's

death the animals chase away the drunken farmer and call the farm Animal Farm. The pigs

take over and set up the Seven Commandments of Animalism. There is a battle for power

between two boars called Snowball and Napoleon. When Farmer Jones returns the two

pigs join forces to beat the farmer. Using trained dogs Napoleon chases Snowball from the

farm and uses some of his ideas, such as the windmill.

The new society is successful in the begining, but soon the animals living conditions get

worse because of the pigs and dogs increasing appetites. Slowly the Seven Comandments

are changed in order to support the pigs actions. Whenever things went wrong Napoleon

would blame Snowball so Napoleon maintain power. Despite attempts to take over the

farm by humans, the animals finish the windmill. The completion is only to the pigs benifet

and their behavior becomes more human like. In the...