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"Animal Farm", by George Orwell, gives us a description of what was going on in Russia by representing humans as animals and Russia as Animal Farm. Orwell uses animals to represent some actual people in the Revolution of Russia. He uses Napoleon, an intelligent pig and a real politician, to represent Stalin, the President of Russia during World War II, and Snowball, another intelligent pig, to represent Trotsky, a high lever officer during World War II. Napoleon is the successor in the revolution, as was Stalin. Of cause, Snowball and Trotsky were the losers.

Mr. Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, controls Manor Farm. He gives a lot of work for the animals to do. It is supposed to be more work, more reward. However, that does not work on Animal Farm. The animals do not get enough food to eat and they are treated badly.

At the same time Old Major, an old pig, stands up and brings the idea of revolution to the animals. After the speech from old Major, they realize that they need a rebellion. They do not want to be the slaves of humans anymore. Old Major dies a few days after the speech. Napoleon and Snowball are the first ones to stand up because they are considered the most intelligent. At first, they are co-leading the Animal Farm. They set up all the education system. They want every animal in the farm to know how to write and read a little bit. That works really well. Also they follow the seven-comments from Old Major. They also practice "Beasts of England" and spread the idea of revolution to the other farm animals, so they has a really good life after the rebellion.

However, Napoleon is already hungry for...