Animal Farm Character Summary

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In the newly named "Animal Farm" there are rulers, assistants, and helpers. Napoleon has emerged as the leader of the farm after the rebellion in chapter II, and there is a slight foreshadowing of what he is going to do at the end of the second chapter. After the other animals left for harvesting fields, Napoleon lags behind and drank the milk that the cows had just milked for sharing between the animals. This foreshadows some of Napoleon's behavior after taking over, and not being a fair and nice leader to the animals. Napoleon didn't help with the rebellion at all; he just helped after to become leader.

Snowball follows behind Napoleon as his assistant. Snowball seems to be on the nicer side, while Napoleon uses him to help with the work. Snowball is more of a leader to the animals and Napoleon is leader to the farm.

Boxer is one of the most good-hearted animals in the book, showing dedication and loyalty to the other animals in the farm, boxer helps with all the work. Although boxer is so good, he is also naïve, and I think he will let napoleon decide what he needs to do for him and trust the pigs.

Old major is in a way a slight fake; as his speech progresses he implies that he hasn't gone through the terrors he is telling the animals that all animals will face. He claims a false friendship or brotherhood with the other animals in order to garner their loyalty for his vision. I think old major represents a socialist telling of the future.