"Animal Farm" by George Orwell.

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"Animal Farm" is a novel based on the Russian Revolution, where instead of humans, animals are the main characters. As "Animal Farm" is a satire on the Russian Revolution, each character in the novel represents key figures involved in the revolution. The events happened in the novel also symbolize the happenings of the Russian Revolution.

The story started off with the days of Mr. Jones's management on the farm, the animals suffered from his cruelty. Old Major, a pig who is the leader and highly respected, suggested the idea of having a revolution.

"He (human) sets them (the animals) to work, he gives back to them the bare minimum that will prevent them from staving, and the rest he keeps for himself." (By Old Major, Chapter 1)

Physically Old Major can speak like a human being does, and he is also capable of explaining the reasons of why to have a revolution, but only human in the real world can have these intelligent thoughts.

He represented Marz and Lenin in the beginning of the Russian Revolution, who persuaded the people to have the revolution and gave the idea how much better their lives would be after the rebellion.

After Old Major dies, the animals expel the Jones together and the revolution is a success, it conveys to the readers the animals can cooperate and they know they cannot tolerate this level of tyranny, which is similar to the revolution of human beings.

The two new leaders, Napoleon and Snowball who are pigs, rule the farm. To the animals, the days are much better than the ones with the Jones and they are looking forward a bright future. The pigs in the novel can do better than human, the way they work is...