"Animal Farm"-George Orwell

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In George Orwell's parody "Animal Farm" on the Russian Revolution, it is simple to relate characters in the novel to the real people involved at the time. Some of these characters consist of Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer who are easily identified as Stalin and Trotsky. These three characters are pigs, the top class animals on the farm. This essay will be based on how the pigs who, while under the power of farmer Jones were equal to all the animals, managed to make an abrupt ascension to domination and control of the farm after his removal.

It is true that the first animal to speak openly on revolution against farm owner Jones was Old Major, a pig. And with this came an excuse for the pigs to take power. The moment Old Major dies we saw the animals awaken to the message of his last speech. With this, the farm animals began to plan for the revolution.

The pigs ensured the highest status amongst the farm animals by assuming the roles of teachers and organizers. These positions allowed them control over all the animals on the farm. Being generally smart, considered the cleverest on the farm, and by no small measure due to the naivety and ignorance of the other farm animals, the pigs jump start their dominance.

Three pragmatic animals on the farm make an official revolutionary system called "Animalism", all three of these animals where pigs; Napoleon, Snowball, Squealer. One of whom gains complete dominance over the farm as farmer Jones once did.

The pigs established control by implementing specific elements, such as resolutions, after getting rid of Farmer Jones. These resolutions were their biggest step towards reinforcing their leadership. Unfortunately, the only thing that the rest of the animals on the farm knew about...