Animal Farm by George Orwell

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IntroductionAnimal Farm, written by George Orwell, is a satire against communism. In the novel, a group of animals on Manor Farm are dissatisfied with their qualities of living, so they start a revolution, called animalism. The revolution is supposed to make animals’ lives better, but eventually it leaves the animals even worse off. It is because the pigs, which represent the government, has been corrupted, all the other animals have to work for them. (Orwell)In fact, animalism represents communism, the characters represent Russian leaders, labors and gullible civilians etc. George makes use of the story to give readers an insight of the Russian Revolution in 1917. In that year, Civil war broke out between the Red (formed by Communists) and the White (mostly anti- Bolshevik groups). In the end, the Bolsheviks won and it led to the formation of The Soviet Union in 1922. (“1917 Russian Revolution”)Characters (animals)Napoleon, a large boar, is the leader of Animal Farm after the revolution.

He is the major scoundrel in the novel. In order to strengthen his power, he trained small dogs to be his wicked “secret police”. Worse still, he even intimidates other animals and modifies the Commandments. (“Animal Farm”)Snowball is a pig that fights against Napoleon for the power on the animal farm. He is a splendid leader that works for the benefits of the animals. Most of the animals are loyal to him as they think that he is kinder than Napoleon. However, Napoleon finally makes him leave the farm. (“Animal Farm”)Old Major, an old pig, is the first animal that introduces animalism (a government ideology) as he feels that animals can live better without humans. (“Animal Farm”)Squealer is a persuasive pig who makes use of the morning assembly to spread the evil messages of Napoleon. Moreover, he...