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Erik Meier 2/06/02 Language Arts: Essay Team 8-2 George Orwell wanted to express to the public his view during World War II and The Russian Revolution. The seven commandments in the story were organized by the animals in order to keep a better farm on Manor Farm or as it was changed later to Animal Farm. The animals in this novel had been tricked several times by being told that the commandments had always been the same and that they had just forgotten what the rules were.

If the animals were more educated and knew what the pigs were doing at the time, I'm sure there would have been some changes to the story. Old Major had been perhaps the wisest animal on the farm and the novel would have been a lot different if he had maybe warned them of what would happen or at least if he he knew what would happen.

If the animals were educated well, they would have been smart enough to figure out something was not right and would have done something. The animals could just barley spell. Some of them had enough trouble just learning the alphabet, but if they had learned more and studied together , they would have been able to catch on to Napolean's plans and then could have even stopped them.

All of the seven commandments were broken and then changed because of the pigs and the dogs and then they went ahead and said that the rules were not changed; the animals just "forgot" what they were. The first rule was the one about no animal shall sleep in a bed, but the pigs went and slept in the farmhouse beds and the rule was changed once to no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets. The animals did not understand and if some of them knew what was going on, they were most likely too afraid to say anything. Many of the animals did not want to say anything for their life's sake.

One other commandment which was also an important one was broken. That rule was that all animals were equal. This rule should have been the very first rule broken on account that the others slept in the barn and the pigs got more apples and milk than anyone else and also how Snowball was treated by Napoleon and the other pigs. The animals thought they remembered this rule, but they just "forgot" again and once again the rule was changed. All animals shall be treated equal to an extent. This was especially not fair because of the way those arrogant pigs treated Snowball. If it weren't partially for him, the animals would not have taken charge of Manor Farm. In fact, Snowball was probably one of the most bravest animal's on the entire farm. If he could have been educated better, he would have stood right up to Squealer or Napolean and said to him what he was doing was wrong.

The pigs were the most educated on the farm and it was a very bad thing for all the others because the leader of the pigs Napolean had brought up the young animals to be just like him and all the rest of the pigs. If this had continued, I am sure that Animal farm would have been renamed again to Pig Farm. The pigs would have either taken charge of the rest by making them like them by force, or kill them off and still taken control.