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The use of animals to further medical research is a very controversial issue in the United States. Animal rights activist believe that confining animals and subjecting them to isolation and sometimes painful and even life threatening procedures is wrong and immoral. While supporters of animal experimentation realize it is essential to further our knowledge and to improve the quality of life in all species.

Animal experimentation is vital this day and age, with technology advancing and more and more resources becoming available, we are making great strides to lengthen our lifespan, treat and cure disease, as well as put an end to pain and suffering not only to humans, but animals as well. What animal rights activist do not realize, is that with out the use of animals, countless life saving techniques, and advantages available to us today would be non-existent.

Many oppose animal experimentation, stating it is inhumane and selfish. Others believe that as humans we are here to protect and better the lives of animals. It is our job to protect them from what Charles Fried defines as harm. He defines "physical harm" as an impingement upon the body, which either causes pain or impairs functioning. The animal rights activist also believe, researchers do not value an animals life, therefore it never creates a problem for them to impose on the animals rights, thus potentially causing harm to an innocent animal.

. The United States is now behind in research due to the strict regulations and guidelines designed to help protect animals, when really they are slowing down research that in the end would benefit all humanity and animals alike. Overall researchers and scientist urge us to recognize that it is unfortunately impossible to protect all animals against all...