Animal rights.

Essay by phong November 2005

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From the beginning of the world, human beings have treated animals as things which human can benefit. At first, we used them for our survival, for our basic needs in life. Nowadays, science and technology have developed, people's needs increase, we discover more and more uses of animals. Therefore we keep exploiting them without knowing their feelings of distress or suffering pain. But now, we exploit them even though just for fun or individual's benefit and show no disquieting tinges of guilt or regret. Indeed, like human, animals are living sentient creatures with interest of their own, they have the capacity for experiencing joy or reflect on our attitudes towards them.

Some people say that it is a normal thing for human to consider we owe all animals. The excuse are: in nature, the strongest and the best rule, the weeker that can't defend themselves are put under the best's control, become resources or goods available for others' uses.

That is the rule of mother nature in order to keep the earth in balance. And we, human, are the best creatures of all, we want to rule every single thing. We can even control nature sometime. But because we are the best creatures in the world, we should respect others' interests include animals. That is what makes us the best, makes us different from other animals. We do give them food and shelters. But after all that, their lives end up to be our dishes for our delicious party dinner. Is that not we just give them what we will get back for profit? Is there no ways else not to use animals for meat? Vegetarian, why not? We may have a better health! I can't deny that animals are so useful for science. They did...