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Rabbits Do Not Wear Mascara

Have you ever considered the shampoo you use may have caused thousands of animals to die? What if one day you were taken out of your home and sent to a lab to be put in a cage that barely has enough room for you to sit or stand? What if the lab you were sent to has scientists who spoke only dialect and did not understand you when you screamed that the bleach in your eyes burned and you could not see? When you are screaming in pain consistently because the pain is unbearable can you image being beat because you are annoying the scientists that are examining you. Did innocent humans die to ensure you that consuming your household cleaner will cause immense pain and damage to your organs, humans did not but animals did and continue to be killed for our assurance.

Animal testing can be traced back to as early as the ancient Greek and Roman times ("History of Animal Testing"); the first major reference to animal testing was in the late nineteenth century when Louis Pasteur gave some sheep anthrax to show the importance of vaccines with his germ theory. ("Better Science Limitation of Animal Testing") Through animal testing many species of animals have been subjected to various and harmful subjects that have been proven to be detrimental to both their physical and mental health. Throughout the years most animals have gained some rights but they are still used and abused for many different experiments. In animal testing labs species such as mice, rats and birds still have no rights and are not accounted for. ("11 Facts about Animal Testing") It is estimated that approximately seventy million animals are used for testing annually in the name of...