Animals in Captivity.

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There is much conjecture over whether captivity is good or bad for wild animals. Many people consider it will bring negative impacts for wild animal to live in captivity. Others believe wild animals should be taken captive for both environmental and physical. I faced this controversial essay topic and fell into much contemplation.

It's undeniable that most animal zoos or such organizations really have relevant knowledge, offer suitable environments and rescue animals from danger. It seems animals can live safely and freely in captivity. However, it is too hasty to say so, since they would lose the most essential characteristic, which is called feral behaviour. There is no any difference between a cat and a Chinese Tiger, if the tiger lost its feral behaviour and ate artificial food without pursuing. Moreover, if giant pandas live in a wild environment instead of a man-made greenhouse, would they still sleep eighteen hours per day and eat or play during the rest of time? Absolutely no.

They will adapt their habits in order to survive and maybe they will not be called rare creature any more. Likewise, for other wild animals, it is better to live in the wild. Based on food chain, there would be an upheaval or ecological problem for us to protect some species regardless of others. Although the wild animals will confront difficulties or even extinctions, those spontaneous happenings won't destroy our environment too much.

However, when this issue comes to situation as China, further details should be carefully examined. Most of wild animals are hunt and maltreat in China, especially Asiatic Black Bear and Pere Davids's deer. After Black Bears are caught, people treat them cruelly and drew out their galls frequently. People cut Black Bear's belly to get the galls and kept their cuts open in order...