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Entering the Era Of E-Learning

In the 21st century, nearly all things around us have changed digital. With the speedy development of technology, human rely more on state-of-the-art equipments, such as E-health system of medical services. This system is used to collect data and transfer medical health records. Moreover, it helps to deliver health-related information using the power of Internet and e-commerce to improve the public health services.(WHO Website, 2014) Also, we have e-banking services which help customers to manage their bank account online, they no longer have to go to the bank in person.(Virginia C McGuire, 2014) The above two examples show that our lives have already enter the era of high-technology. On the other hand in the educational aspect it's high time for us to enter the era of E-Learning and use different types of E-learning system. The whole system of E-learning contains a lot of different parts, such as E-books, Online quiz, etc.

All these of equipments can greatly improve the learning quality of student, and help to boost their learning interest.

In the first place, the price of E-books is much lower than traditional printed versions. In long term, students can pay less but learn more. Publishers nowadays divide secondary school textbooks into different sections in order to earn more from students. For example, the publisher will divide the book into book A and book B, in order to make higher profits. Moreover, publishers frequently update book editions but there are only little changes inside the books. The publishers, however, still choose to update the book version, in order to force students buy the new one, with a much higher price. Students have no choice but to buy the new version, as requested by schools. But if we use E-books, all we need to pay...