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I can still remember the day that I picked up my dog from the shelter. I had been there before sorting tho the 10s of dogs they had, dalmatians, retrievers, and huskies but finally I found my dream dog. I was in the third grade and it was after my dance recital. My whole family was there and we did a caravan of cars to the shelter. The facility was closed but when the manager saw a little girl with 7 family member at the door she let us in. For the last several days I had been thinking of a name for my dog and it was starting to frustrate me but when my whole family was in the room and my dog jumped on me for the first time his name just came to me, Champ. My first dog not the family dog he was my three year old beagle.

A relationship is defined as the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected. The relationship between animals and humans has existed since the beginning of time. There are very different types of relationships with humans and animal. Working animals and companion animals. The relationship between humans and animals can be hard to understand. For thousands of years humans have used animals as a source of food, tools, and clothing. There are two divisions of relationships between humans and animals, uses of Animals and Caring for Animals. The uses of Animals describes the domestication of the animals for the purpose of human caring and affection and animals for human uses focuses on farming and food.

Just as relationships between humans do, the relationships between these two species have evolved over time. In prehistoric time the relationship between...