Animation of 'Beauty and the Beast'

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The fairy tale beauty and the beast is based on the book .it was a tale told by Disney in the mid 1980s and the film was made in 1991 it was directed by (Gary Trousdale Wise), produced by (Don Hahn) ,written by (Linda Woolverton ), Narrated by (David Ogden stiers ,starring Paige O'Hara, Robby Benson Richard White, Jerry Orbach, Angela Lansbury , David Ogden Stiers),Music by (Alan Menken ,Howard Ashman), Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures (USA) Warner Bros . (Spain). Release date(s) States: November, 1991 France October 21, 1992 .Running time Original: 84 minutes Special Edition: 90 minutes. Country: United States. Language: English.

A wrong turn taken by Maurice, Belle's father, causes the two to meet. In order to break the spell placed upon him and his servants, a beast (an enchanted prince on the inside) must learn to earn the love of a village girl or risk remaining in his animal state forever.

In the opening sequence of the film it shows the Beast falling into despair. He claws a portrait of himself (in human form).The scene beast is the famous ballroom dance sequence from the second act of Beauty and the Beast. It was beautifully animated. The second famous scene is Where Belle and the prince kiss, the curse is broken, the castle becomes beautiful again and the enchanted objects turn back into humans and the beast turns into a charming prince. The last scene shows Belle...