An anlaysis of the IBM's Mission Statement.

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International Business Machines (IBM) is the world's top provider of computer hardware. It has 80 years of leadership in helping business innovate. IBM alliance with the companies of all sizes around the world and compete almost in every market worldwide. The company makes desktop and notebook PCs, mainframe and servers, storage systems, and peripherals, among its thousands of products. IBM is also one of the largest providers of both software and semiconductors. With the help of the partnership, the company become leading providers of the e-business solution world widely designed specific solution to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

According to IBM 's mission statement, the marketplace is on the top of IBM's principles. "The marketplace is the driving force behind everything we do." The second principle is related to technology. "At our core, we are a technology company with an overriding commitment to quality."

With these missions, the company had an alliance with dozen of high-tech companies worldwide. The company made its constant effort to keep up with the fast-moving competitors. In the year 2002, IBM reorganized its hardware business; the company had merged its desktop and laptop operations. IBM utilizes the services of both Sanmina-SCI and Solectron by acquired manufacturing facilities from IBM. It had also formed a joint venture with Hitachi to combine its disk drive operation. In the software business, IBM is the second largest provider after Microsoft. The acquisitions of Lotus Development and Tivoli in the early move enabled IBM to become a pioneer in server operating system software. IBM is expanding its software operation to e-commerce infrastructure by purchasing the database operations of Informix (2001) and application integration products from CrossWorlds Software (2002). It also has plans for the acquisition of development tool maker Rational Software.

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