Anna Karenina

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The passage in which Levin is returning home after a visit to Moscow is a powerful one because of the intense feelings running through his head and the constant change in mental and emotional states. This paragraph involves a variety of literary elements that make the passage so much stronger and deeper in its meaning. Levin evolves so much over this single subsection in terms of his self-awareness and constantly changing mental state. Each literary element seems to highlight and draw attention to the small details that are so often overlooked.

The use of "morning" and "evening" shows the different mental stages that Levin is experiencing at that particular time through imagery. When Levin left Moscow in the morning, he was feeling extremely distressed and beside himself with unhappiness, but when he arrived back to his home in the evening, he was much more relaxed and at peace with his emotions.

The time that passed between morning and evening, while Levin was traveling, represents the evolution of Levin's mental state and his entire attitude continues to change as the day progressed. The word "new" is used in the beginning of the passage. It is morning, therefore the day is new, Moscow is a city which is constantly developing new ideas and spitting out new technology and products, the train and its tracks are a new and unfamiliar experience to Levin. Levin is surrounded by numerous things that are new which makes him very uncomfortable and uneasy because his natural tendency is to be fearful of the unknown and the unfamiliar.

The entire passage shows imagery related to environment and the surroundings of Levin. When the passage begins, Levin is unhappy because of the events that occurred during the time that he spent in Moscow. As time...