Anne Frank

Essay by Reanna_17 March 2004

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The war between Germans and Jews had begun

It was terrible thing Hitler had done

You seemed to live a happy life

And you would have made a good wife

Then your dreams turned to clay,

As you had to go away

Away to a place that didn't seem so bad,

But a life without freedom made you sad

The Secret Annexe lit by a lamp,

But i'm sure it was better than a concentration camp

You were in thee for so many minutes, hours and days,

But still you were happy in so many ways

You liked listening and laughing and you really cared,

But underneath you were really scared

And on that awful day

Your hopes of freedom were taken away

You were taken away to a place worse then hell

And now you're not alive to tell

To so many people you were a saint or a legend

Its just horrible your life had to end,

But did you know?

Because of your diary your memory will always flow