Anne Of Green Gables

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Anne of Green Gables is a very good book written by L. M. Montgomery. In this book, an orphan girl is adopted and gets herself into a lot of trouble.

The characters in this book were sometimes a little strange, but most of the time they acted like real people. Anne Shirley was an orphan girl who had been adopted by Marila and Matthew Cuthbert. Anne was red-haired and in her teens; she was very adventurous and had a very good imagination. Matthew and Marila Cuthbert were brother and sister; they had never been married to anybody, and just enjoyed the company of each other. Matthew was a very shy old man who worked on a farm all day. He didn't really enjoy the company of others, especially females. Marila was a very sensible old maid. She would use things that worked, not because they looked good or bad.

Anne had many friends, but she only had one bosom friend.

Her bosom friend was Diana Barry. Diana was a good little girl about the same age as Anne. She had black hair and always had good taste in clothes. Mrs. Rachel Lynde was a woman who lived in town. She was always sticking her nose into other peoples business and said everything that came to her mind.

This story begins in a place called Green Gables, a little house in the middle of nowhere. Matthew and Marila wanted a boy orphan to help Matthew in the fields, for he was getting old and weak. The Cuthberts sent for an orphan boy by word of mouth to Mrs. Lynde. When Mrs. Lynde came back from the asylum, a girl named Anne accompanied her, for she thought that they had wanted a girl. Marila wanted to send her back to the...