Anne Hathaway : The Cinderella of 2001

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When I think of a Cinderella story, one name comes to mind: Anne Hathaway. She has begun to pave her way through entertainment with a delightful array of family movies such as Princess Diaries, Ella Eternal, and Nicholas Nichelby. The 20-year-old actress gives Seventeen an inside look at the girl behind the fairytale.

Hathaway tells how her star status goes unrecognized amongst older generations, while the younger generation stutters and stumbles at the sight of the teen idol. She personally confides with a fan that is sexually confused. A lot of her friends at school are gay, so she is able to relate to the 14-year-old bisexual. Hathaway expressed how important it is to be true to yourself, no matter what people think. Don't adjust to suit others' standards.

As hard as it is to think of Hathaway as anything by wholesome and unadulterated, she gives us a peek into her perspective on sex.

Believed to be raised properly by her parents, Hathaway continues to follow their advice. The time for casual sex without consequence, if there ever was such a time, is over.

Ironically, Hathaway explains her struggle to lose weight to satisfy producers of Get Real, a TV series she starred on. Then to find out that she had lost too much weight for Princess Diaries, and had to pack back on the pounds. Personally, I find in contradicting to change yourself to get a role or to please producers when you are writing to 14-year-olds about how they should love themselves as they are; manipulate themselves for no one.

If you want to catch Hathaway's attention, just mention yoga. A fan of both Hatha and Sivinanda yoga, she used these methods to keep in shape. At first, her interest was to get that perfect...