Annexation of the Philippines.

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The United States fought harsh battles against Spain and the Philippines. They lost thousands of men and need compensation. The United States should not give up the islands of the Philippines. It is their reward for winning the war and they have the right to annex it. "We must on no account let the islands go. The American flag is up and it must stay up." With the Philippines, the U.S. would have great benefits. Not only will there be many natural resources, but also the Philippines geographic location will benefit the U.S. in future warfare and trading. The Philippines would provide new markets and cheap labor, which would help the U.S.'s overall economy. But annexing won't just help the U.S. The people of the Philippines would also benefit. The U.S. would establish a democratic society. People would work for wages and the economy would rise. U.S. inventions would be introduced to improve living conditions, such as, plumbing, electricity, and better structured homes.

Some of the people of the Philippines may think that this process would be taking advantage of them, but they don't realize that both countries would benefit with the annexation of the Philippines.