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ANNIE OAKLEY Born on August 13, 1860 in Drake Country, Ohio Was Annie Oakley. For years, Anne Oakley amazed audiences with her deadly aim. At a distance of 30 paces, she could split a playing card held on edge, puncture dimes tossed in the air, and extinguish a cigarette held in Frank Butler's lips. To people throughout the world, Annie Oakley came to symbolize the spirit, independence and skill of woman on the frontier.

Childhood Fame Oakley was becoming famous even before she bested Butler. Her sharp shooting made her an outstanding hunter, and she was able to pay off the mortgage on her family's barn by selling game to city restaurants.

Small, But Tough Not quite five feet tall, Oakley was known for her toughness. In 1901, a train wreck left her partially paralyzed, and her career seemed to be over, but through endless hours of training, she restored her shooting skills.

She was still astounding audiences in her sixties.

Update In 1946, Irving Berlin used Oakley's legendary life as the basis for his musical, Annie get Your Gun, which was later made into a movie.

Annie Oakley never lived on the frontier, but her name has always been associated with the Wild West. That is because she was the star of Buffalo Bills' Wild West show. This show was one way that people in the east and Europe learned about the west. Oakley was also the best shot with a rifle anyone had ever seen.

When she was 15, Phoebe Anne Oakley Mozee won a shooting contest against a famous marksman named Frank Butler. A few years later, the two were married and began touring with Buffalo Bill. She became the star of the show as Miss Annie Oakley. The great Sioux chief, Sitting Bull, gave her the nickname Little Sure Shot.

Annie Oakley Oakley died on Was born November, 2 A train wreck left Irving Berlin used Her partially paralyzed Oakley's life the basis of his And her career seemed to be over musical, Annie get your gun