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Annotated Bibliography

Cadden, Joan. "The Meanings of Sex Difference in the Middle Ages."Google Books. Cambridge University Press, 2003. Web. 16 Sept. 2014. <>

Cadden's book explains the beliefs and values that occurred during the middle ages, which led them to practice medicine in such a way that was not fully by "procedure," but by the way they believed was right due to their religion. The Middle Ages had very limited medical knowledge, and what they did know was based on ancient Greek medical texts written by Hippocrates and Galen. This source talked much about how during the Middle Ages doctors would follow steps of a surgery to either religious belief which were that of Catholicism, or have spiritual remedies of their own. Many of the doctors would treat in a way that was not necessarily typical in today's practice of medicine.

This book was helpful in understanding the guidance that led the doctors to treat in a way to their specific beliefs and values.

In which it explained why the doctors did not have the same ideology as today's history. Although, this book was not as informing as to what some of the examples were, unlike other sources, in which it was informing to the examples.

Overall, this source would be useful to many researchers. It helped in discovering some ideas that could be useful in an exhibit. This was a reliable source due to the fact that it had a publisher and it had specific dates of publication.

"Medicine in the Middle Ages". 2005. Web. 17 Sept. 2014. <>.

This article explained many ideas of the ideology that influenced the Middle Ages. This article talked about religious ideas affecting the state of medicine during this period. For example, medicine became steeped in superstition and...