Annotated Bibliography for Dante and the Popes

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Figueira, Robert C. The Great Popes Throughout History: An Encyclopedia. "Gregory IX." Ed. Frank J. Coppa. Vol. 1. 2002:133.

This is the source give background information on pope Gregory IX. This source is a great biography about him and gives information about how he was the son of Count Mathias and was born around 1170. It is a really detailed look at his life and his involvement in politics and the Catholic Church. I could use this source as the biography for him in my paper and to get how his papacy affected Dante and the relationship between him and Dante and what he did that Dante didn't like.

Gallagher, Joseph. A Modern Reader's Guide To Dante's: The Divine Comedy. "Outline of the Inferno." Liguori/Triumph. 1999: 4-6.

This source gives an outline of Dante's Inferno and provides me with a concrete source for the levels of Hell and what they mean.

I can use this in my paper for describing each layer of hell that a pope is in and can further explain why Dante places that pope into that particular layer of Hell.

Gardner, Edmund G. "Dante Alighieri." Tomas Hancil. New Advent. Kevin Knight. 2007. 8 February 2007. .

This source really goes in depth into Dante's relationship with the church and starts talking about exactly what problems he had with the church and the aspects about the church that he didn't like and didn't agree with. It started with his biography but switches over to how he felt about the popes of his time and the corruption of the time. It is a good indicator of why he placed the popes in hell rather than in heaven and why he placed them into the level of hell he placed them in. I could use this source for a...