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Irma G. Ochoteco

ENG 2393-50

September 22, 2014

Annotated Bibliography on Marie de France

Bloch, R. Howard. Anonymous Marie de France. Chicago, Chicago University Press, 2006

Ebrary collection, TWU library, Denton, TX, September 8, 2014

This book focuses on proving who is Marie de France. Howard Bloch, head of French Studies Department at Yale University, tries to find evidence of the origin of their genealogy, or who your parents were or where she lived. No data exists about Marie de France; her work will be reviewed to find evidence and discover the origins of Marie de France. Blosh explained that there is no clear evidence that she is really the author of famus books, however she writes in the poems, and especially in prologos declarations about her identity and he stated, (18). At the end, in the conclusion the author points out that beyond a name, the complete works of Marie de France captures a change of era and he describes as: "unique percipient writer whose works, read chronologically, can be seen to capture the movement of the changing word they depict."(311).

The book is organized by chapters and in each chapter author discuss the elements found. This is very interesting how people can use anything to start and write a book, in this case a name or the absence of the name, and in just few words capture the attention of the reader since looks more like a police investigation to determine who the killer is. For me a little complex because includes the original text in French, but very interesting how author is going to find the clues.

Whalen, Logan E. Marie de France and the Poetics of Memory. Washington, DC. Catholic University of Americas Press, 2008. Ebrary collection, TWU library, Denton, TX, September 8, 2014.