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Michael Krauss, in "apple takes branding cue from Bob Dylan", describes the marketing strategies of Apple computer corp. to increase the market share of its products and make the brand name "apple" known by more and more people. Krauss lists and explains many strategies that the Apple computer corp. adopts to meet the marketing goals of the company in this article. This article helps me to have a better understanding of the marketing practices learned in the class and the author illustrates clearly how this company innovates to obtain more success in the competitive market.

In this article, Krauss explains several marketing strategies that Apple computer corp. uses to innovate itself to a more competitive company and to strive for more market shares, such as the leading-edge design of the products, more compatible products with other technologies and its widespread retail stores. First of all, the author uses a hook of Bob Dylan who was a popular folk musician in the 1960's.

However, Dylan wanted to write songs that are far beyond the niche folk music market and shock the music world. Although his innovative performance with his electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival was not welcomed and accepted by the audience, he made a big step from his folk music market to the rest of the music market. From the story of Bob Dylan, Krauss educes the case Apple computer corp. which wants to broaden its market to have a larger target audience without losing the company's values or traditions. Besides that the company keeps the novel design of its products and improves the compatibility of the products, Apple computer corp. founder and CEO Steve Jobs has a try of opening retail stores in many big cities. Then, the author quotes the speech of the Apple spokeswoman, Jane...