Annoyances- Reflections of Yesteryear and Today

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I suppose either my memory fails me, or as I have gotten older I get annoyed on a faster pace. Time has certainly shown how my mood has changed from long ago. These days it seems to be caused more by random people and less from my parents or friends. I don’t think that I am easily annoyed anymore today then I have been in the past. I have usually been able to keep my cool, attempt to refrain from acting out, and show little emotion. In grade school my behavior was exemplary with few complaints from my instructors. For the most part I certainly do not consider myself one of those annoying types, at least compared to those individuals whose annoying traits seemed to render their personality useless. Like the majority of most people I get aggravated by some actions of others, usually unintentional. As I have gotten older I have become to realize that it seems to be under circumstances of duress, or stem from when another person who repeats their actions in a systemic fashion causing me to reach a breaking point.

Rarely do I go into a fit of rage or express my dissatisfaction. In this essay I have attempted to reflect on several areas of concern that outlined my disappointment in annoying traits and how they varied over my lifespan. The order is sequential from remembrance; however, each had its own degree of severity that seemed prominent at the time.

What I remember first about being annoyed as a child, was the void of summer vacations. Possibly being an only child, or coming from a divorced family, we never took the trips to Disneyland or the State parks that I so longed for. I could never understand why if these places existed had I not...