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Review of Literature What is "the perfect body," and why does everyone want it? Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that mainly affects adolescent girls, although it can occur both in boys or girls younger or older than this. This is a disease where people intentionally starve themselves. The most common features are loss of weight as well as a change in behavior. The weight loss is slow and progressive and normally begins with a perfectly normal weight reducing diet. Only after the continuation of several months of these acts does it seem a cause for worry, usually because by then the weight loss is extreme. It is not easy for a young teenage girl to live in a society where she sees beautiful, thin models in every magazine ad or commercial. When girls' role models are "perfect people"� such as Britaney Spears or Calvin Klein models, they are tempted and pressured to look just like them, and are "forced,"� in their eyes, to starve themselves in order to resemble the girls that they see to be as "perfect."�

To start with, the girls are single minded as they are determine to lose weight. They attempt to frustrate their efforts, which are generally met with anger or deceit or a combination of both.

"It is hard to not be effected by the media bombarding us constantly with the message, "Thin is in!" On TV commercials we are told to "lose weight fast" or "exercise for thirty minutes" to have a beautiful body. Magazines displaying thin, attractive women try to convince us that we are not okay until we "slim our thighs." The overriding message is that we need to change something about ourselves in order to be loved or successful. In particular, if we have thin, fit bodies, 'our lives...