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As time passes, all around the world more and more people are dying because of anorexia. The percentage of this disease has grown in a preoccupying rate. This is an eating disorder in which people starve themselves to get skinner. There are several reasons that cause someone to become anorexic like social pressure, media pressure, low self esteem, etc. It isn’t just a disease is a problem that is provoked by different reasons and it can have a lot of consequences in peoples’ life. Anorexia is one of the most dangerous psychiatric illnesses because many things can provoke it, it has a lot of consequences, causes suffering to the people who have it and it has spread over the world.

There are a lot of reasons and that makes anorexia easy to fall into it and makes it dangerous. The main reason is low self esteem that people have because they thing low of themselves and they hate the way they look.

Media and celebrities send the wrong ideas to the public about the way the perfect body should be and this makes people follow that pattern in order to get the perfect body or be like celebrities. All of this is a factor that causes people to start having eating disorders and it’s because of the role model that celebrities and other famous people inspire in them. Looking good is important when you are under the eye of the media and because of the pressure of the media in which they are under celebrities are more likely to develop eating disorders. Being photographed for magazines and being on TV you are a topic to talk about and they want to be the talked about in a good way. This makes them obsess over their body and that leads to...