Anorexia nervosa

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HUN 2201 Basic Principles of Human Nutrition

Vasjan Luarasi Chapter 9 controversy problem

It's estimated that about 5 million people in the United States, primarily girls and women, suffer from the eating disorders of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Many more people suffer from binge eating disorder or other related conditions that imperil the sufferer's well-being. White women are most likely to have an eating disorder, although men and ethnic women are by no means at all immune to this disorder. (Sizer, F., Whitney, E. 10th edition). In today's society everything has changed especially with advanced technology and the media always portraying these beautiful people with beautiful bodies on TV, such as on commercials, movies, ads, magazines, etc. makes it a drive for the audience that to be considered beautiful you have to be skinny, and have a little tiny waist. Most of us watch TV quite a lot while we are growing up especially during our adolescence years, which are the most vulnerable that kids are very self-conscious of themselves as puberty is starting to occur.

During your adolescent years you may also become more self-aware of your body and decisions can be impacted based on media commercials, ads you see on the magazines, and even commercials portraying diet pills and ways to diet which are beneficial to your health. You can't hear and believe everything you see on TV, because every one of us is different and believing that you have to be really skinny and have long legs like a model, is not how we should live our lifestyle especially for young girls who feel the pressure to be skinny or otherwise they won't feel pretty enough to other people.

An estimated 85 percent of eating disorders start during adolescence. (Sizer, F., Whitney, E. 10th edition).