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Anorexia nervosa is a disease that causes the persistent pursuit of thinness, and it is a serious problem with teens in adolescence. It is defined as being eighty five percent or less of the expected age/height ratio. A quote from an anorexic girl off of a chat board stated: "I wanted to be anorexic because I was 120 and that got me upset so I became anorexic and now I'm 99 so I'm happy and being anorexic helped me become happy so I am really for anorexia but only if you know how to use it responsibly." This quote here proves that having anorexia is not only a physical problem, but also a psychological one as well. Not only do teens with anorexia have issues like being prone to sickness or near death, but they also are usually depressed, stressed, and have serious anxiety.

Because physicians are not required to report eating disorders to health agencies, and people with eating disorders don't like to admit they have one, calculating statistics can be very difficult.

Research shows that only one percent of females have anorexia, however there are probably a lot more than that out there. The table below is an example of how the media contributes to diseases like anorexia. Media portrays a representation of women that promotes some people to strive towards being thin. A lot of girls try to be like the models to make themselves feel more attractive. There are also many females out there who have significant others who compare them to models, actresses, and other women of media causing a desire to become thin

Average woman Barbie Store mannequin

Height 5' 4" 6' 0" 6' 0"

Weight 145 lbs. 101 lbs Not available

Dress size 11 -14 4 6

Bust 36 - 37" 39" 34"...