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Jessica, 20, is in love with her lecturer Matthew. She wishes to be his girlfriend in a loving relationship. She then finds out he's gay and that he's in love with her best friend, Johnny. On the last day of College, Jessica and Matthew hook up, sleep t together and she falls pregnant.

Jessica runs downstairs, grabs a cool drink out of the fridge and runs out of the house. It's Monday today and she has not seen Matthew for 2 days. She arrives first in class and sits down eagerly awaiting Matthew's arrival. Jessica's best friend Tim arrives to sit next to her and begins telling her about this "mystery man" he's found. She is eager to know but seeing Matthew arrive in class her mind focuses all its attention to him. Matthew looks over in her direction and winks with a smile. Jessica blushes bright red and her throat dries up - Matthew has never paid any special attention to her before.

Tim tries to get Jessica's attention and tell her his weekend story but she is not worried about anything else right now. After class she brushes past Matthew and giggles, Tim walks after and too brushes into him. The two face each other for a second and Tim resumes leaving class. At recess, Tim and Jessica sit down to lunch and as per usual she goes on about Matthew. Tim's face is just smiling and informs Jessica that Matthew's actually gay. She shakes her head at him and laughs.

She asks about his weekend that he was on about and Tim tells her about the guy he met, and that it's their teacher Matthew. She is so taken aback she screams at Tim in disbelief that he has now stolen...